Sound Therapy

As well as being involved with The Consciousness Collective, Paul Dilworth is also a fully qualified sound therapist having trained in 2016 by Don Conreaux and Aiden McIntyre on the 10 day Gong Master training Course in Dorset. Prior to taking this course by the world's most respected Gong Masters, Paul has had many experiences with sound healing through an interesting life journey which has guided his development in the sonic arts and health improving techniques on a physical, mental and spiritual level.
Paul has been researching the power of sound as a healing tool since early 2000 and has used it to successfully increase the healing of some of his own ailments, mainly Bell's Palsy which caused him to loose the control of the left side of his face, slowly gaining movement through self discoveries using singing bowls, the gong, voice and meditation. The positive results contributed to a huge urge to share with others and help people who may benefit greatly from some sort of sound therapy.
Paul now offers one to one and group gong baths, which consist of people lying (or sitting) in a comfortable and tranquil place, whilst various esoteric instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, tingshas, drums, rattles, create a soundtrack to their own personal journey. This can often take the listener into a deep meditative state similar to that of sleep, where the mind is not conerned with daily worry or stress, and therefore rejuvinates the body and mind, enabling healing to take place on a cellular level as well as a mental and spirtual one.
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