A fantastic Summer once again, massive thanks to all who came to see us and soak up those healthy vibrations. WE ARE ONE! We are the Consciousness Collective.


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Dream machine pic

me conch
me conch

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Dream machine pic

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Paul Dilworth - Concept, singing bowls, gongs, drones, samples, electronic beats, holistic instruments and energy
Thomas Harrison - Keys, glockenspiel, guitar, recorder, holistic instruments
Sam Hodson - Bass
twinkle sounds
The Consciousness Collective is a 3 piece full AV group including singing bowls, gongs, chimes, rainsticks, Live electronica, throat singing, keys, bass, guitar, percussion, alongside drones, complex hypnotizing beats, field recordings of monks in deep meditative trances, binaural beats (designed to entrain brainwaves into a deep meditative state) and other sonic and visual techniques designed to elevate the soul, raise positive energy, clear and activate the Chakras. All this is enhanced by our mutual intention that all participants receive the energies they currently need and let go of all that does not serve them. It holds the potential to create an experience that can be extremely profound. Truly trance inducing and full of positivity, in sync with ethereally inspired visuals and colour therapy techniques. This is not just a show, it is an experience.

NEW - We are now offering intimate headphone sessions and can set up as an independent venue/arts space at festivals and retreats, meaning we are not restricted by curfews and sound restrictions and deliver our sound direct to your ears for a truly personal experience.
The Consciousness Collective Bookings:
One to one's and group sound baths:
100th Monkey and Art Installations :
As well as live AV shows and sound baths, we are also available to provide a healing and experience spaces at events such as music festivals
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